Trump Attacks Arnold–Again–In A Friday Morning Revenge Tweet Any Teenager Would Be Proud Of

Poor Donald. He’s just so fragile. After an embarrassing moment at the National Prayer Breakfast in which he asked people to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings on Celebrity Apprentice, the Hollywood icon struck back, humiliating Lord Cheeto with a crack about how they should switch jobs. Apparently that didn’t sit well with President Loompa, who started his day with a mean girl Tweet aimed at Arnie’s time as governor of California:

Ever the petulant child, The Mango Mussolini just couldn’t resist. Amid tweets threatening Iran, lying about jobs coming back to America and putting out the fire he started after he admittedly hung up on the Australian Prime Minister, you just know the Arnie tweet was most important to him. Trump is a last word loser. He simply can not let something as harmless as a tweet get by him without summoning his masses to attack on his behalf. Unfortunately, the bulk of his Twitter followers come from the 4/5ths of Americans who DIDN’T vote for him and are appalled at what he’s managed to do to America in just over a week.

So go ahead, Donald…poke fun at Arnold and bury it among 5 other Tweets so maybe he won’t notice. When he does and he responds with a witty one-liner that still manages to show more class in under 140 characters than you have in your entire life, you know who to blame.

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