Trump Brags About His BIG LEAGUE Thanksgiving Work Ethic — Twitter Collectively Roll Its Eyes

There’s no rest for the weary when you’re trying to Make America Great Again. On Thanksgiving morning president-elect Donald Trump tweeted that he was hard at work.

Unlike the Ford plant that never had any intentions of moving production, even though Trump claimed otherwise, Carrier air conditioning is planning on moving production to Mexico. But what Trump is doing on Thanksgiving to prevent that isn’t clear. Is he dropping by Carrier executives’ houses with a pumpkin pie? He wants Americans to think he’s hard at work even on a day that is usually reserved for family. But Twitter isn’t buying it.

This comment cuts right to the chase:

Thanks to his lie about Ford, some Twitter users are skeptical about this claim.

There were many who reminded Trump that working for the American people is exactly what he is supposed to be doing.

And then there was the guy who said he would never buy a Carrier air conditioner again and was promptly put in his place.

Somebody should tell Trump that the job of POTUS is the hardest job in the world, requiring 24/7/365 attention. And no, Your Orangeness, you do not deserve a pat on the back for working “even on Thanksgiving.”

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While Trump was tweeting out about working hard, possibly while taking a dump on his solid gold toilet, here’s what the current president was doing:

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