Trump Brags About The Size Of The Crowd At His Rally, Forgets Cell Phones Take Video

Trump used his standard lines at a rally in Florida Wednesday, lying through his teeth about the size of the crowd, inventing poll numbers that magically have him winning and moving on to inciting hate and fear for the low-hanging fruit he calls supporters.

Unfortunately, the lie about the size of the crowd didn’t go over very well because as Trump may want to remember next time, cell phones take video:

Not quite as packed as he seems to think. Sorry, Agent Orange…That’s not “tens of thousands of people” and it’s not “packed to the corners.” The Liberal Trolls of Twitter took him outside to the virtual alley and e-beat the sh*t out of him:

There are a couple of other pictures floating out there that show much fuller arena, but the upper seats remained empty and it looks like the only portion that was jammed in tight was the section in front of the press cage. How much you wanna bet people were instructed to stand there?

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Regardless, it’s a far cry from the crowds Lord Cheeto was pulling during the GOP primaries, when violent hooligans showed up in droves to see if they would be able to sucker-punch a protester.

Sorry, losers…those days are over.

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