Trump Brags His Staff Has ‘Highest IQ Of Any Cabinet Ever Assembled,’ And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

One of the many, many demonstrations of the ethically and morally challenged nature of the incoming administration is the cabinet nominees. The individuals nominated to their positions are some of the worst possible people for the job — so much so that the word “kakocracy” was revived to describe them.

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For anyone not wrapped in the conservative noise-o-sphere, it’s like watching an oncoming truck that’s going to run you over and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s made worse by the idiots who are cheering for the truck on the sideline out of spite, fully aware it just jack-knifed and will mow them down too, but so deep in denial they’ve collectively decided the trailer is fake news even as it speeds towards them.

And Donald Trump threw some red meat to that white kamikaze class of Americans on Thursday during a luncheon when he made the staggering declaration that, “We have by far the highest IQ of any Cabinet ever assembled.”

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This breathtakingly painful statement is empirically wrong, but empirical evidence doesn’t matter to Trump and the other Republicans. Facts don’t matter, just feelings. Trump may feel he his cabinet has the highest IQ “ever”, but if that’s even close to true — and I guarantee you it’s not — MENSA needs to pack it up, since IQ clearly doesn’t mean anything.

The sheer arrogance on display with that statement is jaw-dropping, but perfectly Trumpian. This little statement didn’t go unnoticed upon by Twitter users, though, who caught onto it and proceeded to eviscerate Trump for it.

Absolutely savage. And Trump, with his empty-headed, thin-skinned narcissism, deserves every bit of it.

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