Trump Brushes Off Bromance With Putin During Debate, But Twitter Remembers Otherwise (IMAGE)

Donald Trump got himself all worked up when Vladimir Putin got mentioned during the final presidential debate. It seems that the constant talk in the media of how much Trump absolutely adores him has gotten under his skin, because he really looked annoyed when the topic was being discussed.

In his haste to play it off, he started acting as if Putin almost didn’t matter to him. He shouted about how he doesn’t even know Putin and while he did say it would be good if the U.S. and Russia got along, he really was acting personally distant toward Russia’s leader.

The funny thing is that a few years ago, Trump seemed to have a different opinion. We captured an image of an old tweet from Trump, just in case he or one of his aides delete it, that shows he had some different thoughts at one point.

best-friend trump putin
Will he be my new best friend? That’d just be dreamy.

Come on Donald, haven’t you figured out how the internet works yet? It doesn’t just go away.

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Imagine him with a picture of Putin and a marker in his hand as he’s drawing hearts around the border. I wonder how poor Putin is taking the rebuff that Trump threw at him. It’s going to be a wine and sad movie night in Moscow.

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