Trump Camp. Manager Hints She May Quit If He Does Any More Stupid Stuff – So By Tomorrow Then?

Kellyanne Conway’s one real weakness as a campaign manager is that she occasionally has this thing happen where she speaks truthfully. This happened again, just like it has before for her, and it’s caused another awkward moment just like the first time.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews brought up the subject of whether or not she’d be remaining a passenger on the Trump train, given the recent explosive revelations regarding Trump’s tendency to confuse female genital groping with a firm handshake. Kellyanne forgot that she was doing a TV interview, leaned back in her chair and giving the following remark:

“I’m with the campaign till the bitter end unless – “

“Unless,” you say? Curious indeed… She apparently realized what she did and tried to change the subject by saying, “I’m sitting here as his campaign manager. I’m sitting here with you in the debate hall where he performed beautifully.”

Matthews, of course, didn’t follow the shiny new object she threw out as a distraction. “You’re worried about more shoes dropping,” he said.

Conway got very flustered at that point, and threw together an amazingly implausible explanation which rolled into the next segment:

“I didn’t say that. No, no, no. I’ve made a commitment. And I believe that he will be a much better president. The unless is simple. It’s unless someone in my household needs me or unless something changes in my own life. I don’t know anything that’s coming. I also don’t want to engage in hypotheticals and speculation.”

“Unless my father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate needs me.”  Get serious. I have my own hypothetical regarding Kellyanne. She knows something might be coming yet that could be worse. There has been a lot of talk about more Trump tapes from the Apprentice being released where he uses racial slurs. Conway knows it could happen as well and she’s probably been stressing about it to say the least.

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If Trump has more embarrassing or offensive things come out, her position as his campaign chair would become untenable if she wanted to retain the ability to work in politics post-Trump.  The “unless” is exactly what Chris Matthews said it was — unless there are more “true Donald” moments.

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