Trump Camp Posts Video Of Him At Phone Bank, Forgets Images Of All-White Trump Staff Go Viral

In yet another “my goodness, look at all the white people” moment, the Donald Trump campaign has shown exactly who they truly care about. While they’re very good at dragging out “Diamond and Silk,” who we’re fairly certain will write a book one day about how much money they were paid to stump for Trump, they’re not so good at these sudden drop-in moments where Trump takes entire rooms full of white people completely by surprise:

And there, in all of 32 seconds, is the Donald Trump “movement” in a nutshell. A room full of people who are not at all racist love this man for his ability to “speak his mind” and hate indiscriminately. In fact, the more he hates, the more people volunteer to spread it for him. They are the low-hanging fruit on the tree of America, waiting for someone to come along and appeal to their primal need to feel superior because of the color of their skin.

No, they’ll never admit it, but make no mistake ; this room full of assholes is exactly why Donald Trump can never be president.

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