Trump Campaign Almost Causes Riot At RNC As They Sabotage Cruz On Live TV

The Trump campaign nearly caused a riot at the RNC Wednesday night as they made a move to sabotage Ted Cruz’s speech. After finding out he wasn’t going to endorse Donald Trump during his time a the podium, riling up the crowd to boo Cruz into oblivion before he even took the stage.

Cruz told the Trump campaign that he wasn’t going to give him an endorsement 2 days before his big night on stage at the RNC. This was confirmed by Cruz strategist Jason Johnson. Trump also personally confirmed that he had reviewed Ted Cruz’s prepared speech 2 hours before he delivered it on stage.

That’s all you need when it comes to an overgrown manchild whose ego will not be denied.¬†Trump moved quickly with his campaign leader Paul Manafort to ensure that Cruz wouldn’t get away clean.

Mark Halpern foreshadowed what was about to happen on his Twitter account:

What did Mark know ahead of time? Time magazine told all …

Two sources both independently confirmed with Time Magazine reporters that the Trump campaign had been whipping the crowd, and particularly his own supporters among them, to deliver a scathing response to Ted’s speech.

It worked better than they intended. The Convention floor started booing Cruz after he finished his speech in which he patted himself on the back heavily while conspicuously not endorsing The Donald.

The unrest only grew over time, threatening to derail other speakers as Newt Gingrich took the stage. Gingrich attempted to play peacemaker and seemed to get some results in that regard when he tried to re-interpret Cruz’s remarks on the fly to placate a foaming-at-the-mouth-with-freedom crowd.

After Gingrich finished and Mike Pence took the stage it started back up again and nearly ruined Trump’s own VP’s speech. These idiots were booing like mindless zombies, reacting when speeches ended without even understanding the who or why of the situation.

Later, Robert Costa all but confirmed that it was willful sabotage by the Trump campaign that not only ruined Cruz’s night but nearly ground the convention to a halt.

Manafort did the classic claim of responsibility¬†while straining the concept of plausible deniability to its breaking point. With a wink and a nod, he confirmed that this convention isn’t about the Republican party anymore. It’s now Donald Trump’s own project in social and behavioral engineering and the greatest trash-TV reality show of all time.

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