Trump Campaign Brags That He’ll Be The Least Prepared Presidential Debater…Since Nixon

Donald Trump is hoping to prove that he is the best presidential debater in the history of presidential debates Monday night by not preparing at all. The Republican presidential nominee’s campaign has been telling as many media outlets as they can that The Donald has not held any mock debates leading up to his showdown with Hillary Clinton. This morning, Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders bragged that her candidate is going into the debate woefully unprepared:

“He’s not a poll-tested, scripted robot like Hillary Clinton,” she said. “I think that that’s a great contrast to have and one we’re certainly excited to see tonight.”

Trump Campaign Spin-Doctor Kellyanne Conway also boasted that the billionaire has not prepared by telling ABC’s This Week that he’s already great,”He’s a brilliant debater. Newt Gingrich put it best. The former speaker recently said Donald Trump is the best debater he’s ever seen. He’s like the Babe Ruth of debating. He really shows up and swings and does a great job.” LOLZ. Okay.

Earlier this year Donald Trump himself said that he had no intention of holding mock debates because he doesn’t want to be over-prepared and not very Trumpy:

“I have not. No, I have not. And I must tell you, I think you and I have a little different mode. I watched [Mitt] Romney went into a log cabin or something and he came out and he wouldn’t talk to anybody for weeks, you know, and all of that, and then he got to the debate and he wasn’t able to speak so well. I’ve seen that, and to a certain extent, you have to be yourself. I do know the issues, I actually know the issues much better than people understand that I know the issues. But I want to, obviously I will be practicing. But I don’t want to put so much practice in that all of a sudden you’re not who you are. Does that make sense to you?”

It’s pretty incredible that Trump has such a huge ego he has decided that he doesn’t have to do what every presidential candidate has done since debates became a thing. Mock debates are crucial for any presidential candidate, but Trump has apparently decided to go the way of Richard Nixon. In 1960 in the first ever televised presidential debate, Nixon thought that he could beat John F. Kennedy without doing any prep work. Nixon arrived at the debate after a full day of campaigning in a shirt that was too big and his face all sweaty only to be trounced by JFK. Later Nixon said that his arrogant decision to not get ready for the debate was a huge mistake. “Remember, even on the first debate. We made the mistake of not [preparing] for that one,” the disgraced president said.

Now Trump has decided he is going to do the same thing, but unlike Nixon he is not walking into the debate with experience to stand on. Instead, the bombastic orange man believes that since he “won” all of the debates against his Republican rivals in the primary he won’t have any problem tonight. The GOP sociopath doesn’t understand that debating for the right-wing base is completely different than trying to convince the American people he is qualified.

The Republican base is filled with low-information, racist voters who will fawn all over anyone who screams “BENGHAZI!” or “OBAMA ISN’T A REAL ‘MURIKKAN!” The vast majority of the electorate isn’t turned on by hate-speech and that is who Trump will be speaking to tonight. Had he held a mock debate, his campaign could have possibly corrected his horrendous behavior before tonight, but now he is going to walk in there like a child who didn’t study for a test and fail…hard.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton spent the weekend holding mock debates with her staff and will not doubt goad Trump into a massive explosion. It is going to be glorious.


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