Good News! You Will Still Be Paying Trump Millions So His Kids Can Be Surrounded By Lots Of Gold

Remember how Trump was caught funneling millions of dollars into his own bank account during the election because of his Secret Service detail? If not, basically what happened was that Trump didn’t want to give up his luxury plane with its gold-plated bathroom fixtures during the campaign and we ended up paying for it. Let’s take a quick look down memory lane:

The U.S. Secret Service has paid $1.6 million to a company owned by Donald Trump to cover the cost of agents accompanying the Republican presidential candidate on one of its planes, Politico reveals, citing Federal Election Commission records.

The agency’s long-standing practice is to reimburse presidential campaigns for these expenses — Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been reimbursed $2.6 million this cycle — but in Trump’s case, the taxpayer money is ultimately being paid to TAG Air, which is one of his own companies.

Are you angry yet? No? Let me bring it home for you.

Now that Donald Trump is going to be flying around on Air Force One, his Boeing 757 is going to be left for his family to fly around the world in. Because his family now belongs to the First Family of the United States, they will qualify for a Secret Service detail (and we all know they are going to take it). That means the detail will accompany whoever is on the luxury plane as they travel which in turn means the Secret Service will use their budget to pay for the airfare. That money that is paid for airfare will go to the plane’s owner: President-elect Donald Trump.

It gets better though. Not only will we all be forced to pay for this, but we won’t know exactly how much money he has screwed us out of because as Justin Bachman at Bloomberg explains, the government doesn’t have to tell us,”Security travel costs for an elected official, visiting dignitary or other protectee are part of [the Secret Service’s] normal operating budget and not subject to disclosure,” Bachman said.

Hey, look on the bright side, maybe Trump will decide to ground the plane for the next four years or not ask for Secret Service protection for his spawns. Haha! Just kidding, we all know he is going to exploit the f*ck out of this loophole.

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