Trump Caught On Camera Promising His Rich Buddies They Won’t Have To Pay Their Fair Share On His Watch (VIDEO)

Did the blue collar workers of America who helped elect Donald Trump actually think he would look out for their best interests? Because if they were gullible enough to believe that, they were oh so wrong.

Tuesday night, after a rocky transition to the White House, Trump broke protocol and ditched his press pool and took his family to the 21 Club steakhouse in midtown Manhattan.

Trump’s spokesperson Hope Hicks signaled to the media that the new President-elect wouldn’t be leaving Trump tower that night, only for his motorcade to sneak out at around 7:30 pm and head to the 21 Club. Hallie Jackson, an NBC News reporter, was able to make a reservation at the restaurant where she filmed Trump being greeted by applause and handshakes from the wealthiest denizens of New York.

As Trump shook hands with the one percent, he said:

We’ll get your taxes down, don’t worry about it.

The working class that voted this man into office have been duped. While lower class Republicans like to believe that lowering taxes on the wealthy spurs job creation, 30 years of trickle down economics shows this is not the case. Instead, all the wealth bubbles to the top and mostly stays at the top, while average Americans do with less.

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Taxes help pay for things like infrastructure, public schools, healthcare, the military, and other social safety net programs. Trump himself has admitted bragged he himself does not pay federal income taxes that contribute to these programs. And his tax plan proposes to cut $6.2 trillion in taxes, with most of the savings going to the top 1 percent and .01 percent.

His tax proposals are expected to hurt economic growth in the long run, and won’t cover the government’s debt which will lead to an increase in borrowing and interest rate hikes.  In order to offset the deficit, Trump would have to cut spending, but he has promised not to cut defense spending and says he will protect Social Security and Medicare. Which means he’ll need to cut spending to other agencies by half.

There is a reason New York’s finest were in that upscale steakhouse applauding Trump and patting him on the back. And it’s not because he’s going to heal America, it’s because Trump has just given the wealthy a huge gift by being elected.

Watch the video:

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