Trump Fans Gather On Facebook To Celebrate Poisoned Wells And Scorched Earth

Coal is dead, long live coal!

Today, Donald Trump undid an executive order passed by former President Obama aimed at aggressively regulating the coal industry and pushing us away from dirty energy towards, renewable, clean energy.

Of course, we’re still some distance from a power grid completely powered by clean energy like solar and electric. That, after all, is what natural gas is for.

You see, for the last several years at least natural gas prices have routinely undercut coal, and from all sane, adult perspectives, coal is the past. Just like there isn’t any use for coopers or horseshoe smiths anymore, there won’t be any use for coal miners in the near future.

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That’s not me crowing happily, or laughing at the suffering of a coal miner in Appalachia. That’s me stating a fact that’s obvious to anyone who isn’t willfully blinded or straight-up stupid.

Although speaking of willfully blinded and straight-up stupid, Trump’s supporters were, of course, on hand to celebrate this rollback. If you want a clear picture of why we can’t have an adult conversation about anything in this country, there’s no better place to start than the right-wing presence on social media.

Who knew right-wingers loved global warming so much?

This is the sort of stupid that makes you weep openly for the country. It’s the literal image of cutting off the nose to spite the face — and it shouldn’t be surprising, since that’s the attitude that people had when they voted for him.

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