Trump Comes Unglued: Campaign Insider Leaks Disgust To Reporters, Says Staff Is ‘Suicidal’

Donald Trump is coming unglued. After selling the fear of terrorists waiting in your bushes to blow you up and convincing a slew of naive people at the RNC that our country and our military are falling apart, Lord Cheeto enjoyed a slight bump in the polls that had him gloating all over social media. In 140 characters or less, Trump basically announced that he had won and that we Democrats should just sit this one out while he takes control and turns America into the authoritarian state he wants to see it become.

Then came the DNC. Rather than sell fear and lies, The Democrats paraded DREAMers, soldiers, people of all religions, p[oliticians, entertainers and inspirational voices of multiple generations in front of America for four days. They didn’t have to sell anything. America doesn’t need to be convinced of how horrible things are, America needs to remember how horrible things were. After those four days of hope and stark reminders of just how far we’ve come, capped with a brilliant speech by our nominee, Hillary Clinton saw a bump in some polls of as many as 20 points.

Then came the insults, the Twitter bashing and the…Trumpness. Agent Orange attacked the parents of a fallen soldier because they are Muslims, drawing criticism from across the political spectrum. Rather than apologizing and claiming the remarks were out of context, which is the Republican way, Trump doubled down, essentially shooting himself in the foot.

Now, with debates he’s already trying to get out of just around the corner, Trump has apparently gone completely off the rails. John Harwood of CNBC and Ali Vitali of NBC News Tweeted out some information that shows that the Trump campaign has just about lost their patience with their own candidate:

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Things aren’t looking good at the Trump camp.

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