Trump FINALLY Wins As Big As The Voices In His Head Insist

According to a recent Gallup poll released today, Donald Trump’s popularity is soaring to new lows, with roughly 58-60 percent of the population disapproving of his job.

I mean, it’s hard to blame them. Everything he’s done seems to be calculated for maximum maliciousness, whether it’s his proposal to roll back on the Chemical Safety Board, his roll back on protections for people who default on student loan debt, or that disastrously evil wealthcare plan which will cost poor people more money and ensure fewer people are insured.

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He’s on route to be the most corrupt president in American history, bar none, and that’s quiet an accomplishment given he’s competing against Richard Nixon, Warren G. Harding, and Andrew Jackson. And even if that’s a matter of subjective opinion, that his popularity is like general Republican ethics — scraping the bottom of the barrel — isn’t.

But don’t tell his die-hard supporters; they’re happier not knowing — not that they’d accept anything that disrupts their epistemological bubble, anyway:

“Overwhelming electoral college win.”

Yep. The electoral college really represents what Americans think. That’s why he lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 and some change.

I’m rather partial to Andy Borowitz’s take on the whole thing, personally:

The hashtag just seals the deal.

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