Trump Forgot To Bring His Applause Sign When He Attacked Judges In Front Of Cops (VIDEO)

Donald Trump spoke to a meeting of large county and city sheriffs and police on Wednesday morning, where he once again decided to attack the federal judges who are reviewing his “travel ban” executive order. In typical fashion he couldn’t just make his point and move on. No, as we have come to expect every time he comments on an issue, he had to belittle the judges, saying that even “a bad high school student” could understand what he was trying to do.

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Trump, who has the patience and impulse control of a three-year-old, can’t understand what is taking so long for the court to reach a decision about reinstating his order prohibiting travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Trump read the order to the gathering, but his sidebar comments were so frequent and bizarre it was almost impossible to determine what the actual text of the order is. The word salad that resulted would make Sarah Palin proud.

But he was clear on one thing. He holds the courts in low regard because they want to examine whether what he wants to do is actually legal. Thank goodness for that, because the courts are, at the present time at least, the only branch of the government that is attempting any sort of review or checks on his power.

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Trump may have expected to get a warm reception from law enforcement for an attack on the judiciary. But his remarks were greeted with what can best be described as “polite” applause. And sometimes he didn’t even get that.

Here’s a clip of Trump’s remarks, via CNN:

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