Trump Surrogate Gives Most Insulting Reason Ever For Not Releasing Taxes After CNN Caught Him Lying

Donald Trump lied to America. Huge shock, right? But really, he did. It turns out his taxes are not entirely under audit the way he wants us to think they are. From 2006-2008 they are not under audit and with that in mind, they qualify to be released by him as per the promise he made to America.

Trump said many times he would release his taxes when they were not under audit. Not only is it questionable that they are even under audit in the first place, but the IRS themselves has said many times there is NO restriction on releasing tax returns while an audit is in progress. So, is he going to release these now?

As with everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth, he’s nothing but a damned liar. It all started with his campaign manager’s absolutely disastrous appearance on CNN.

Conway appeared with Dana Bash for a short interview. Conway wanted to spend the whole time bashing Hillary for being “nontransparent” but Bash was not having any of it.

She played a clip of Conway from before she became Trump’s campaign manager, in which she said that Trump should definitely release his tax returns. It was a trap. Conway’s only response to was that now that she’s in the Trump campaign she has “learned new things” and says he can’t because they are under audit.

That’s when Bash had her right where she wanted her. Trump’s own lawyers admitted 2006-2008 returns are NOT under audit, and Bash let her know that. Then she asked with that in mind, will he release the tax returns.

That’s when Conway gave the most infuriating response possible. She said no, because releasing tax returns won’t create jobs. Yeah, she literally said that. Now we’ve moved from “I’ll release them” to “No, because I said so,” which was apparently the plan all along. It’s absolutely disgusting behavior from someone who wants to be president.

Watch the Trump campaign prove it’s one huge fraud below:

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