Trump gives Obama Credit For One Of Dubya’s Biggest Mistakes (VIDEO)

Donald Trump finally lost what was left of his mind when he stood before a crowd of supporters and said flat out that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are being honored by ISIS, because they founded it.

That isn’t an exaggeration in any way. We have the video below. He credits Obama and Clinton for creating the worst terrorist state in the world, plus suggested that the terrorist state somehow pays homage to them.

I’m not going to waste time talking about how factually wrong this is, because it’s obvious to anyone who isn’t a damned idiot. But here’s another reason why this is a problem. Republicans have been spending years whipping conservatives up into a frenzy over the idea of ISIS being already in America and ready to destroy us all. They keep talking about how we need our 2nd Amendment rights to protect ourselves from the terrorists that are hiding at the local Wal-Mart … usually behind the Oreos.

Now Trump said that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton founded ISIS and are honored by them. Think about it for just a second. Trump just hung a bulls-eye on the back of both Barack and Hillary by suggesting not that they are simply incompetent in defending us from ISIS, but that they actually are their leaders, and allied with them. Now, all that has to happen is for some delusional right-winger with a gun to do something stupid.

It was a grand total of one day since Donald Trump called for “2nd Amendment people” to kill Hillary if she wins to stop her from appointing Supreme Court judges. 1 day later, and he’s saying Hillary and Obama are revered by ISIS because they founded them. If something happens to either of them, Trump will have blood on his hands.

He will spin this by saying he meant Obama pulling out of Iraq caused ISIS to rise. He’ll say Hillary’s mistakes as Secretary of State caused them to gain power — but he spent the 8 years before Obama being critical of the guy that he now conveniently forgets was responsible for all of our current Middle-Eastern problems in the first place — George W. Bush. He’s the one responsible for ISIS rising, and his illegal war started it all.

This has got to stop. Donald Trump is completely out of control and he’s seriously risking people’s lives with his rhetoric.

Watch footage of Trump’s statement below:

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