Trump Has Already Asked About Using Nukes Three Times And This General Is Terrified (VIDEO)

General Hayden isn’t known as a soft man. He’s counseled several presidents and is not in any way afraid to argue a position. He’s not afraid of much of anything. He is afraid, however, of Donald Trump.

Trump has taken the issue of not just national security but global security to a level of concern that we haven’t seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis — and that truly isn’t an exaggeration. World leaders and our own generals are concerned about what will happen if someone as erratic as Donald Trump decides he wants to…say…rid the world of Muslims in Syria or make it so we never have to worry about Iran again.

You can actually see the concern on General Hayden’s face as he discusses the issue with Morning Joe:

How frightening is that? The system isn’t designed to work for reality TV stars and internet bullies. They didn’t have a jackass in mind when they made it operational for real-world situations, they made it so that whether it’s first strike or a response, the commander-in-chief can quickly and decisively act accordingly.

Donald Trump is no commander-in-chief. He’s a cheap novelty item trending across the country, bringing the underbelly of our society to the forefront of politics. The idiots who will vote for him don’t care if he nukes Iran. They’d consider the murder of millions of people a good thing since they’re predominantly Muslim. His war against ISIS wouldn’t be targeted drone strikes, it would be tactical nukes designed to make a square mile of real estate uninhabitable for 10K years.

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Trump is clearly unfit to hold any office that includes the power to fire anything stronger than a Super Soaker.

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