Trump Is So Pro-Women, He Once Tried Pimp His Own Wife Out To Playboy Magazine

Yet another great example of the oxymoron “Pro-Women Republicans” has come to light with the latest revelation from Trump’s past. When he was married to temporary wife #2, Marla Maples, he attempted to pimp her to a well-known men’s magazine. I know “pimp” is a strong term, but as you’ll see, it’s absolutely correct in this case.

In the early 90s, before he married Marla, Donald pressured her to pose nude in Playboy magazine. She didn’t want to do it, but he kept pushing her anyway.

Then, degrading her even further, Trump took it upon himself to negotiate on her behalf (even though she told him no) for a price that he felt her dignity and shame were worth to him.

Trump settled on what was at least a 1 million dollar personal payday for the exploitation of his then-girlfriend. Eventually, Marla got it through his hair-helmet that she was NOT going to do this, and the plan fell apart.

Courtesy of NY Daily News archives
Courtesy of NY Daily News archives

There’s a real hypocrisy in this, because just recently Trump has been engaging in a public shaming of one of his former Miss America’s, Alicia Machado, as retaliation for her describing the true history of how he abused and exploited her when she gained some weight after winning the crown.

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Hillary Clinton brought her story to the nation during the first presidential debate. Afterward, Trump went on Twitter and actually encouraged the entire world to “check out her sex tape,” which does not actually exist.

The point is, he’s engaging in humiliating a woman, yet again, because his fragile ego was bruised by her honest assessment of him. Add in the fact he’s using the sex-shaming of a woman, after he tried to sexually exploit his own soon to be wife, and you have yet another perfect example of Trump being a douchebag for the 100,000th time.

Donald really does make criticizing him pathetically easy.

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