Trump Insists He’s Tremendously Popular — Twitter Reminds Him That Reality Still Exists

On Friday, news emerged that Trump’s poll numbers were tanking in a most unexpected place: Texas. Now, 41% isn’t abysmal — I mean, given how most Republicans treat Christianity it’s clear they consider it a passing grade in Bible Studies — but it’s pretty bad. Lower than any other president in recent memory.

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But it’s not 31%, unlike a certain congresscritter from Texas, and that’s winning. At least, it is if you’re Trump, who was presumably touting these poll numbers on Twitter Sunday evening:

I’m not sure why he left that unfinished, but that fill-in-the-blank sounds like a fun game, so let’s play along. Here are a few I came up with:

“Would still beat Hillary in ….. Bumblefuck, Nebraska.”

“Would still beat Hillary in ….. blowing Putin.”

“Would still beat Hillary in ….. being a most fabulous shade of piss-filter orange.”

“Would still beat Hillary in ….. a contest for most incompetent person of the century.”

By the way Donald: there’s only three periods in an ellipse, four if you’re including a full-stop at the end of a sentence. Not five.

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Exactly where he got these “very good” poll numbers from is anyone’s guess. Like most things, he probably yanked them from his ass — but given how big his head is, I’m surprised anything else fits up there.

Regardless where they came from, Twitter users were amused all the same:

I wasn’t the only person who wanted to play fill in the blank, either:


It seems like the only thing he can win at is garnering internet derision and mockery. Isn’t it wonderful Trump finally found his calling in life, after failing at everything else?

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