If You Tweeted What Trump Just Did I’d Call You An Egotistical Piece Of Sh!T Too

Trump’s attempt to deflect the attention of the American people by wasting tens of millions of dollars bombing a Syrian airstrip with the wrong kind of missiles was a complete bust. At the end of the day, people on both sides of the political spectrum were scratching their heads and wondering what just happened as Syrian planes took off from unscathed runways while smoke billowed in the distance.

It was yet another failure of the Trump administration to successfully do…anything. Lord Cheeto, sitting in his Florida palace for a long weekend on the taxpayer’s dime, nonetheless declared the campaign a mighty success while waving his tiny hands around for the Fox News camera crew on hand to make this week’s propaganda films.

Tuesday morning, just after the break of dawn, Trump retweeted this piece of “information” from the fair and balanced Fox:

The tweet comes from Fox Nation, one of many Fox Twitter accounts, which doesn’t typically hide their partisanship in the least. They find and repost stories from other sources that are in love with The Butternut Bigot to give the appearance that he’s a populist president with an agenda Americans agree with. He’s not; they don’t.

Needless to say, the article quotes a few Syrians, none of whom were near the actual airfield, applauding Trump for his courageous destruction of sheds and plant life. The Tweets all came from the day of the bombing, long before the images of planes taking off took over the news cycle the following morning.

But…that’s how propaganda works. The fact that Trump had no choice but to retweet such a blatantly ego-driven article that had little to no base in the reality of the situation shows just how far he’ll go to make himself feel better about what a failure he is at presidenting.

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