Trump Is An Imbecile Who Expects Everyone To Be As Dumb As His Supporters

There are a few well-known facts about Donald Trump. He is a salesman. He appeals to really stupid people. He is capable of manipulation that works on people who have an intellect equal or less than his own.

Trump is feeling some heat these days. He has a tax plan that will benefit him and other super wealthy Americans that he desperately wants to pass. Healthcare is at the top of his priorities list yet the plans put forth have been nothing but miserable failures. He REALLY wants to go to war and his little stubby fingers are twitchy. The Trump Administration is infested with billionaires and rich assholes who are seeking to tip the scales even further to their favor. All of this under the guise that he is “working for the everyday American.”

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Pppshhaw, yeah right.

So, this morning’s TwitterTirade came as little to no surprise considering more and more is coming out about Trump’s Russian ties, some people ARE seeing through his ridiculous tax plan and budget and other than stroking his executive order pen, Trump’s “successes” are basically non-existent.

Trump did what every madman turned President of the United States with a Twitter account does – he rattled off an incoherent Twitter rant in less than two minutes to appeal to his most ardent of supporters. Because you know, they care nothing about reality, or facts, or knowledge in general.

Oh, but Trump’s blustering really gets them off!

First, he came out a bit soft, just trying to appeal to those poor jobless coal miners.

This is a little self-protection tweet. After all, he isn’t really going to do shit for coal miners. But, now when it all fails he can say he really wanted “to help miners” but those awful liberals blocked their healthcare.

Yeah, because it’s not the liberals who say that yes, coal miners should have health insurance, just like every other man, woman and child in the United States. It’s the liberals who have cried for a single payer system for years – but totally right. It’s the Democrats blocking the healthcare of poor coal miners.

Next, he really needed to appeal to the racist assholes – the people who REALLY put Trump in office. 

Secure our borders! Brown people are coming! We need to put even more money into the bloated military budget because “RAAWWRRR!” Oh, and blame the Democrats because you know they are evil!

Yep, that will do it.

The next tweet was a bold move from a man who sat around a table full of insurance CEOs just a few weeks ago. A man who is doing everything in his power to line the pockets of billionaires in this country. . . because really, they are the only people who matter anyway.

Since when does seeking a healthcare solution that ACTUALLY provides care for Americans “bailing out insurance companies”? Clearly, the POTUS is extremely confused as to what the actual goal here is. Perhaps if he wasn’t so ready to slash federal revenue in the form of huge tax breaks for the wealthy and giant corporations, healthcare could be provided to you know, a few million people.

But this is totally the fault of those pesky liberals. Democrats!

Oh, but he wasn’t really finished with that sentiment so he tweeted nearly an identical tweet just seconds later. . .

That #AmericaFirst really tied it all together – like a nice rug. I mean, really, I’m convinced now.

America First clearly means taking money from the poorest people while giving the people who can afford things like oh, you know, golden toilets, gigantic tax breaks.

But, don’t you worry, he mentioned the troops in there, so clearly he is a patriotic American. To hell with sick poor people anyway. They are clearly our weakest links.

America First!

And the unhinged ranting continued. . . he REALLY liked typing “Democrats” in these tweets.

Dems, why do you want brown people pouring through our borders to rape our women and sell our kids drugs? Clearly, every person seeking entry into the United States is a hardened criminal. Gah, Democrats are so lame.

And then, he hit the most important issue faced by every single American. . .

OMG, if the National Parks are closed because the government shuts down, where the hell will the upper-middle class families go for vacation this year?????

To hell with worrying about if people will have healthcare, if we will be sending thousands of men and women overseas to fight more wars, if families will be torn apart by ICE, if children in towns like Flint will continue to be injured by something as basic as their drinking water, how young Americans will afford higher education, if basic educational needs will be met. . .  or any of the other issues faced by our nation currently.

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Obviously, the President has priorities and he is super concerned about all of those families who may not get to see Mount Rushmore this summer because of a potential government shut down (that impacts far more than Steve and Suzie’s vacation planning).

Of course, that shut down wouldn’t be happening if we didn’t have a giant douchecanoe in the White House paired with the plethora of douchenozzles in the legislature.

Clearly, this distraction tactic will work for the morons who supported the Orange Tyrant. For the rest of us, we just continue to watch in horror.

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