Trump Is ‘Corrupt AF’ And This Former Hillary Staffer Has Dedicated A Whole Website To Him

It has become apparent that Führer Trump is going to preside over what is likely to be the most corrupt presidencies in American history. The Great Orange Dumbass has a list of conflicts of interest longer than his list of lies and one former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer has decided to keep a running tab of each and every one of them.

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Matt Ortega, the campaign’s former digital director for communications, began a website that keeps track of Trump’s corruption and it has the best name: In case any of you are not up with the hip slang of the youngsters, “AF” is an acronym for “as fuck.”

When you enter the URL for Ortega’s website into your browser, you will be taken to a page that has a giant photo of the right’s messiah and the words “Donald Trump is corrupt AF”:

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NBC News interviewed Ortega and asked him why he started the website. The former Clinton staffer responded:

[Trump] attacked Hillary Clinton with exaggerated and false ‘pay-to-play’ allegations over the Clinton Foundation. He created the examples of what was disqualifying and is brazenly engaged in conducting them himself.

Despite the many, many times Trump disqualified himself, he still managed to skate to an Electoral College victory, but that isn’t going to stop Ortega from letting his supporters know exactly who they voted for. So far he has documented 62 reports of corruption and has received nearly half a million views.  “Yesterday it was buckling a bit under the weight of traffic,” Ortega said late last week. “There were as many as 1,200 people on the site at any given moment for much of the day.”

Ortega said he will continue the site for as long as he can but he is worried that people will just become complacent in regards to Trump’s corruption.

It may even be possible Trump’s people count on the sheer volume to cause people’s eyes to just glaze over and forget about it. That’s my fear.

Sadly that is already happening. While we continue to ask “what the hell is going on here?” every time not-my-president-elect opens his mouth or uses his tiny fingers to send a message out to the world via the State Media Service, Twitter, Republicans are fawning all over the guy who represents everything they hate. It’s disgusting, but this website will certainly help us show them what they did in 4 years when the country is a smoldering pile of orange ash. And believe me, we will remind them that this is the person they supported at every opportunity.

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