Trump Is So Burnt Out He Just Forgot The Most Important Day Of His Life (VIDEO)

The pressure must be getting to Donald Trump.

Between the allegations of drug abuse stemming from all night Twitter tirades, the crushing blows of debates with a seasoned veteran politician who hasn’t even had to try to make him look stupid and the revelation that he’s a sexual predator, Donald Trump is cracking.

Tuesday morning, Trump spent the better part of three hours attacking the Republican party, declaring himself free from their grasp and energizing his base of idiots to continue their mission of turning America into a giant ball of hate-filled rage. When the time came to get on stage to address the deplorables, Trump was so wound up and out of his mind, which some would blame on a drug-induced haze, that he told his supporters not to vote for him on November 8th:

Oh, sure…call it a slip of the tongue. Call it a simple mistake. Call it whatever you want; the fact remains that Donald Trump is so flustered that he can’t even get the most important day of his life right during a campaign speech.



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