Trump Is Such A Dumpster Fire, People All Over The World Are Actually Betting On His Failures

It’s easy enough to only see the doom and gloom of our current national political situation. After all, we still have to deal with a little under four years of the neon Neanderthal and his ilk squatting in the White House. All could certainly seem lost, unless of course you’re in Europe and are partial to the odd wager.

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Betting companies across Europe are finding ways to pass the time by placing odds on possible, and some even improbable political scenarios. It’s not that unusual for these betting agencies to create odds during something as large as a presidential election, the same happened for both of Obama’s elections. What is unusual though is the presidential betting options haven’t diminished since the orange blowhard won November 8, instead they have ballooned exponentially. The most obvious wager of course being will angry cheeto be impeached, and if so when.

Currently, London-based betting giant, Ladbrokes has the ginger whinger at even odds for impeachment or resignation before the end of his first term. Meaning, even the Brits reckon it’s a 50-50 shot he gets the boot before 2020.

The best thing about British based betting culture though is the implausible bets they eagerly create. A bet on impeachment or resignation seems pretty straightforward, so why not up the ante? If you have the cash to throw at it, you could always take a chance on a 20/1 option of the tangerine trickster winning this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. I saw that double take, but yes, it’s a real bet with a real company that will take your real money, well if you are high or mentally impaired.

According to the head of political betting at the Ladbrokes, Matthew Shaddick,

I think it’s a reaction to continued probes into Russian influence plus the health care bill failure.

While Ladbrokes options are certainly amusing, their Irish counterpart Paddy Power just decided f*ck it all and went with the most ridiculous, and it’s glorious. How about a nice 66/1 shot that he’ll grow himself a Hitler mustache, or will surgically enhance his hands at some cheeky 500/1 odds. For 50/1 you can take your chances that France will ask for the statue of liberty back, or at 14/1 Alcatraz will be opened back up as a working prison. The list goes on, and with each ludicrous option causing hilarity, there is a flip side.

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It hits home that the orange canker sore is the laughing-stock of the world. Of course we already knew this, and it would be fun to relish in the absurdity of it all except we’re living the reality, being led by a man whose current odds of meeting any leader of the KKK is 33/1. Then my gloom is lifted though, at the thought I may have someone back in Ireland put a tenner on the 100/1 chance that Joe Biden will punch the impeachable imbecile in the face. 

Now that’s some nice odds.

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