Trump Is Tweeting About His Stupid Wall Again And Getting Lambasted For It

Well that didn’t take long. Rather than do something smart like build a 20-foot section of a wall he could show his idiotic followers every few hours on Fox News, claiming progress every time since facts don’t matter to them, Lord Cheeto the Daft took to Twitter instead to play tough guy to the entire world. The result was as predictable as his inauguration attendance: not very impressive:

The US has a trade deficit not because of NAFTA, per se, but because of the greed of CEOs who decided long ago that American pride and jobs are less important that their bottom line. People like Trump himself who have their cheap suits and baseball hats manufactured there to keep costs down and profits high. How does that translate to anything that even remotely pertains to immigration and a wall? It doesn’t.

Relevance is yet another perky commodity Trump can’t afford. Mexico and trade, to his racist base of fools, mean illegal immigrants, walls and American jobs. The fact that the cost of a necktie in Mexico is irrelevant is…irrelevant. They love to hate, they hate those drug dealing, rapist Mexicans Trump told them all about, so they love his stupid wall.

Normal people, however, do not. They see right through his charade, responding to the Butternut Bigot’s tweets with unrelenting mockery:

It just goes on and on. The longer Trump keeps these stupid Twitter accounts active the lower the chance any of the dimwits who support will have of getting through. It’s almost comical to watch at this point, knowing just how useless these things are as diplomatic tools. Not that Pumpkinhead has any idea what diplomacy is anyway.

The meeting was already on its way to doomed, but now that Trump tweeted it, his league of losers will have all they need to claim he pulled out as prematurely as his father should have. That man could have saved the planet a world of hurt. Literally.

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