Trump Jedi Mind Tricks Witless Cali Republicans By Convincing Them There Isn’t A Drought (VIDEO)

If you don’t live in California, imagine for a moment you did. You’ve been living in a state that’s under severe and historic drought for a very long time. It’s been in the news more times than you can possibly remember. Restrictions were placed on water use. The fact there is a drought is so well-known that it’s impossible to find a person who isn’t aware of it.

Now with that in mind, imagine Donald Trump shows up in your state and gets up on stage. After he moves his hair helmet out of his eyes, he looks at the crowd and says “There is no drought!”

Do you think that in this context anyone would believe him? It turns out that despite a long-imposed drought-ravaged reality, California Republicans did.

I don’t know if there’s a word to describe California Republicans. It’s like Trump said, “You’re all actually living in Russia,” and they believed him. Trump proudly declared there is no drought in California and that all the water woes of the state can be solved by taking the water from the rivers and moving it elsewhere. Droughts have nothing to do, it seems, with rainfall – which happens to be where basically all the water in rivers comes from.

 Watch Republicans CHEER when Donald Trump declares their drought is over because rivers have water:

You saw them with their signs. “Farmers for Trump” they are called. A farmer should have an awareness of rainfall, one would assume. They have to know they had problems with little rain for a long time. But when good old Donnie just said “Nuh-uh” to one of the worst droughts in California history, they totally agreed.

Trump then went on to explain his environmental policy. “I want clean air and I want clean water.” That’s literally the entire environmental policy of Trump. He didn’t go on to explain how he would get those things, but the people cheered anyway.

Imagine a Trump presidency where natural disasters occur, and Donald’s emergency response is to deny they happened on live TV. Scary, right? It sounds silly but the guy literally just did that about a drought the entire world knows has been happening for a very long time, and it actually WORKED.

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