Trump Jr Takes A Hysterical Twitter Beating For Trying To Turn Daddy Into A Superhero

According to Hillary Clinton, the one redeeming quality Donald Trump has is his ability to procreate. At the second debate, when asked to say something nice about him, it was all she could come up with. While it may be true that Ivanka has a slightly liberal streak and truly cares about rich, white, executive motherhood, her brothers aren’t just as deplorable as their father; they’re far worse.

Donnie Junior, or as I love to call him, Little Loompa, showed exactly what an entitled, spoiled, rich little brat thinks qualifies his Pappy for superhero sainthood when he tweeted this:

He was, of course, talking about how brave his dad was for being rushed offstage after a very dangerous person threatened his life. As it turned out, the dangerous man was a Republican holding a piece of paper and the Secret Service, who were just doing their job, overreacted when they thought they heard someone yell “gun.”

So…what exactly did Trump do that was so heroic, Donnie? He spoke, they dragged him away, told him there was no danger, he came back and spoke some more. What a man. What a great and glorious sight to behold. Truly amazing. He’s the bigliest and the best.

Twitter wasn’t about to let Little Loompa get away with being such an overtly obnoxious douche.

So much ridicule, so little time. I’d like to put every fantastic zinger tweeted in the article but GoDaddy has a limit on how much bandwisth we use, so… You can, however, go to the tweet and enjoy some good old-fashioned liberal trolling on your own. Read a few, join the fun; just be sure to set your alarm for Tuesday morning.

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Oh, OK…one last burn for posterity:

Yes. Yes, he is. Thanks for pointing it out.

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