Trump Jr. Just Went Full White Supremacist And Got His A$$ Handed To Him For It (TWEETS)

You really have to pity the social media people at Skittles right now. Donald Trump Jr. dragged the candy brand into politics after he posted a ridiculous meme on Twitter that, on top of being the dumbest thing he has posted yet, forced the company to speak out against him.


How clever. Of course, Trump failed to note that refugees, unlike the bowl of candy, are vetted for 18 months. Also unlike the candy, they are literally fleeing for their lives rather than just sitting there looking delicious – a point the Twitter community was more than happy to hammer home:

One brave hero stepped in to correct the meme, pointing out that the bowl would need to contain 745,000 skittles and only two would be “poisoned.”

But what could be more embarrassing than the math on your bigoted Skittles meme being wrong? How about the candy’s parent company telling you to shut your stupid mouth, reminding you that “Skittles are candy” and “refugees are people?”


You might think Oompa Loompa Jr’s humiliation is at an end, but not quite yet. It turns out that he plagiarized his horrible, inaccurate candy meme from a Tea Party crazy who faded into obscurity long ago – Joe Walsh:

Walsh, of course, got his share of a beatdown:

But, of course, Walsh’s idea wasn’t quite original either. In fact, the idea has been floated around by white supremacists for quite some time, as we see in this 2014 post from Debunking Denialism, which tears apart the right-wing trope, noting:

The Poisonous M&Ms analogy is an irrational monstrosity as it can be deployed in an effort to dismiss any criticisms of flawed stereotypes. However, it has numerous flaws: it can be used against any group without specificity, it ignores base rates, it assumes that risk-free existence is possible, it fails to grasp the important of a random sample and promotes several false claims about criminology. In the end, the poisonous M&Ms analogy is just a dishonest tactic to whitewashing bigotry.

Boy, Don Jr., you really stepped in it this time. Not only did you slap a Trump/Pence label on a white supremacist meme and get your math wrong, but you actually managed to force a candy company to step in and say “no more.” That’s like the dumb*ss trifecta.

Good job, pal. Good job.


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