Trump Just Actually Defended His Andrew Jackson/Civil War Stupidity On Twitter

Sooo, apparently Trumplethinskin was none too pleased with the mocking he received today after he confused his own delusions for history, yet again. This time, his defense is to double-down on his revisionist history because well, he is President of the United States and people don’t give a shit about true history anyway.

He also shared a fact he just learned. Hey guys, Andrew Jackson died 16 years before the Civil War started. See! He knows history!

He also is apparently a mind-reader, or a ghost whisperer, or he is just so full of shit it doesn’t matter anymore.

I’m going to go with the last one.

If only presidents did have a crystal ball to predict what would happen more than two decades after their terms end. Hell, if that were the case President Bill Clinton could have warned us of the Apocalyptic Orange Tyrant residing in the White House currently and saved us all from impending doom.

Damn it, Bill.

Fuck Trump, he is an absolute idiot.

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