Trump Just Admitted On Twitter That He’s Julian Assange’s Ugly Orange Parrot

When the media repeats what Lord Cheeto says, he calls them dishonest. Using a tactic that can only be considered avoidance and deflection, Trump has turned nearly 62 million people into little drones who think the only media worth paying attention to are Fox News and Breitbart — and of course Trump’s social media.

It wasn’t hard to do, because his followers aren’t very bright. A good friend of mine pointed out that liberals are better educated and understand nuance, where conservatives tend to need to have things blown out of proportion and screamed in all caps. It almost seems too simple an explanation for the state of American politics, but it is essentially true.

So what happens when Trump starts tweeting out praise for Julian Assange, the least credible person currently delivering the GOP propaganda and the new face of Fox News’ Twitter feed? A slew of morons shout “f*ck yeah!” while people who understand what’s really going on sit back and say, “ummm…that’s…Julian Assange. He’s a scumbag.”

It leaves Trump in a precarious situation, because his ego won’t allow him to just be happy that he squeaked one past the goalie. His 62 million imbeciles aren’t nearly enough. The giant Oompa Loompa truly believes America is going to rally behind a racist who openly admitted to sexual assault just because his fan club doesn’t seem to care.

So, in defense of his own idiocy, Trump tweeted this, essentially admitting that he’ll parrot anything if it helps his cause, regardless of where he heard it:

Yes, Donald. We’re sure that’s exactly why you backed the cheating horse. For the good of the people.

His Carrotness followed up just a few minutes later with this:

You have to love that he put “intelligence” in quotes. That was for his daft groupies so they could copy and paste it into Google for the definition.

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But Donny is a big fan, so there’s that. Sure, he decided he didn’t need any briefings because his victory tour was more important. Sure he’s been belittling 17 different intelligence sources on Twitter because they think Putin helped get him elected. It doesn’t matter that everything he says and does is counter to the word itself or that because he doesn’t have any intelligence of his own America is the laughing stock of the free world.

It’s all the media’s fault. They’re very dishonest. Very dishonest indeed.

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