Trump Just Asked The Dumbest Question Imaginable To Start His Tuesday Morning Tweetfest

In the midst of a scandal that could seriously rock his administration in its first month and shortly after pictures of a National Security nightmare at a Mar-A-Lago dinner function surfaced, Commander Candy Corn had the audacity Tuesday morning to take to Twitter with this:

Illegal leaks? Do you mean like the one that exposed your National Security Adviser as a liar and a fraud, susceptible to blackmail at the hands of your pal Vlad? Maybe we should be more concerned that you allow your dinner guests to be photographed with the nuclear football or that you had aides crowd around your table with flashlights from their cell phones so you could discuss North Korea.

So it would seem that the answer is yes. As long as you continue to hold the office of the President of the United States, these leaks will most certainly continue to happen, because you are personally responsible for them, you giant pile of steaming turd.

This from a man who built half of his campaign on hate for anyone darker than white and the other half by pounding down the throats of the lowest hanging fruit in America just how “careless” Hillary was on National Security issues. How’s this for reality, Oompa Loompa: in 40K emails hacked, not a single one led to the kind of issues you’re having right one with one cabinet pick you were told all along was a threat yo security and your credibility.

Not that anyone else’s opinion matters to the giant traffic cone of narcissism that is “President” Donald Trump.

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