Trump Just Defended His 3AM Rage Tweets With More Evidence He May Need Rehab (TWEET)

He just can’t quit. After a night of what half the country is calling a likely drug-induced Twitter rage, Donald trump defended himself with absurdity of a level so impressive it would typically be reserved for Sarah Palin or Michele Bachman:

Yes, Donald. That’s what we want to know. That your energy if elected will be spent staying up all night to “answer the call.” You know what most presidents do, Lord Cheeto? They have someone wake them up. And no, we didn’t miss the clever little reference to Liz Cheney’s invented 3AM call from Benghazi¬†that never happened.


What you really did was made a complete fool of yourself…again…without even realizing it. Oh, sure…the meatheads who think that phone call actually happened are jumping for joy right now, but they were going to vote for you anyway. But somewhere in a suburb of Youngstown or just outside Tampa, an undecided independent said, “seriously?” and you lost yet another vote.

So, while it’s ridiculous for you to keep being you, Donald, as a Democrat, an American and a member of the human race, I implore you: please don’t stop. Watching you self-destruct will make election night all the more glorious.


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