Trump Just Had A Wednesday Afternoon Tweetstorm That Shows A Desperate Lunatic On The Edge

Nothing has gone the way Lord Cheeto has wanted it to go the past few days. Judges won’t stick up for him, Nordstrom dumped his daughter, his staff can’t figure out how to turn on the lights in the cabinet room (and they’re all too proud to call and ask the black fella) and his disapproval ratings continue to skyrocket.

The world is laughing at him, at America and especially at what we have allowed our Oval Office to become. Steve Bannon is running the show while Reince Priebus sits at a desk smiling for the cameras. To top it all off, Commander Candycorn can’t seem to keep his tiny hands off of his unsecured android, treating the office of the President of the United States as his personal reality show, destroying it 140 characters at a time.

Wednesday afternoon was particularly rough for the Butternut Bigot. With a federal appeals court poised to strike down his ban on travel from predominantly Muslim nations he doesn’t do business with, Big Loompa seems easily distracted by just about anything he finds that supports a case for him being a respectable human being, no matter how ridiculous.

First there was the soon to be infamous Norstrom tweet, tweeted not only from his personal account but also from the POTUS account, making his daughter’s failures a national issue and putting a private company in the crosshairs of the White House:

As if that weren’t bad enough, The Mango Mussolini trudged forward with his attack on the media, sending out a tweet with a link to The Federalist, the exact kind of right-wing rag that personifies what “fake news” is all about:

It didn’t stop there, though. Hell no. Trumplestiltskin decided he’d do a little more campaigning for hate and xenophobia and add to the contempt he’s pushing towards the federal judiciary:

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For good measure, the giant orange traffic cone-in-chief added a poll from Politico that’s a complete crock of bullhonkey, according to Politico:

And while you’re spreading propaganda, why not justify it because Europe also has its share of racist douchebags:

It’s this most recent one, however, that really takes the cake. How desperate is The Trumpinator to seem credible? Desperate enough that after months of decrying polls as being the most untrustworthy things the world has ever seen, he posted the results of a poll that say he’s more trustworthy than the media:

This, America. This is what we get. This is what we get for our complacency; for our inability to accept that there really is this much stupid within our borders. This is what we get for thinking we had a sure thing and that this could never happen to us. Now it’s crunch time. Now’s the time to make sure we scream as loud as we can every time this dumbass does or says ANYTHING that walks all over the freedom our country was founded on.

We went from enjoying a rational executive branch to a reality show backed by billionaires with congress in their pocket. The only way out is to fight.

So fight is what we’ll do. We’ll write these articles about these stupid tweets so people don’t forget and we’ll expose the idiocy of his followers so people will remember their names and we’ll teach our children that if you want to grow up in a world you can be proud of that you will resist everything about the people in charge until the people in charge can prove that they, like any standard bucket of sh*t, have a handle on it.

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