Trump Just Managed To Outdo His Dumbest Tweet Of All Time…By A Lot

The pressure about Trump’s Russia connections is building, with Sessions now recusing himself from the case. So, what does the man who is now President of the United States do? Create a diversion, of course!

Trump tweeted a photograph of Chuck Schumer and Vladimir Putin who ate doughnuts and drank coffee together back in 2003 when the Russian oil company Lukoil opened its first gas station in New York.

It seems this has been a hot little story floating around the conservative internet rags over the last 24 hours or so. Mmmhmmm, they REALLY think they somehow found this giant “gotcha” with an Associated Press photograph of a not-so-secret meeting, that was photographed by the press, in which Schumer never lied about having with the Russian president.

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This is almost as bad as their reports this morning about President Obama having meetings with Putin while he was in the White House – because you know – that’s kind of what presidents do.

Isn’t it funny how yet again Trump and his ilk have completely missed the point of the outcry regarding his administration’s Russian connections?

So now the current sitting president of the United States, whose campaign had some questionable contact with Russia, a country who had influence over the election through hacking Trump’s opposition, is now calling into question the completely legitimate contact the House Minority Leader had with said foreign leader 14 years ago?

Yeah, nothing to see here. That is totally normal.

(For the love of all things pure and good, someone help us in the United States. Anyone!)

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