Trump Just Nicknamed His Wall And Like Everything Else He Does It’s A Big Fat Fail (TWEET)

At 6:30 AM EST on Friday, Lord Cheeto the Ignorant took to Twitter and nicknamed his pet project southern border wall. Being the complete tool that he is, he may not realize that the name he gave his pipe dream isn’t just already taken, it’s taken by a wall with much more history:

That’s right, the southern border wall is now the Great Wall, capitalized and everything. Trump just loves to believe everything he does is the biggest and the best, though he rarely succeeds, so the name isn’t really all that surprising. The Original Great Wall, The Great Wall of China, spans more than 5500 miles, over twice the length of any possible southern border wall, with all of its parts and branches together measuring more than 13K miles.

Most of the Great Wall was built during the Ming Dynasty, and many historians believe its purpose was to keep people in as much as it was to defend against raids.

So historically, Trump already looks like an idiot. You don’t get to call your wall “the Great Wall” when the one that already exists is a marvel of ancient engineering and is one of few man-made objects viewable from space. Then there are the logistical and financial implications, both of which make the giant orange traffic cone look even sillier.

Trump is all kinds of upset at the “dishonest media,” not for actually being dishonest, but for not agreeing with everything he says. First, the very idea of this wall that will never happen is preposterous. Estimates have been tossed around anywhere between several hundred billion to over a trillion dollars to build something that would be climbed over, dug under or swam around.

And no, you buffoon, Mexico isn’t going to pay for it now, later or ever. They already told you as much. You don’t just get to will things into existence. If Mexico wanted to pay for a border wall they’d build one, dumbass.

Trump’s early-morning tweets are always so delusional. They’re best served with a nice flavored coffee and a side of snark.

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