Trump Just Promised To Use His Power And Money To Abuse The Women He’s Already Abused Again

Professional scumbag and admitted sexual predator Donald Trump has already used his power and “stardom” to have his way with women. He admitted it, prompting a plethora of women we can now call survivors of his nasty Trumpness to confirm it.

Lord Cheeto, who doesn’t take kindly to the truth being exposed, wants us to believe that what even Howard Stern said was over the line is something he was just locker room bantering about. Locker room bantering has been confirmed from all corners of the globe, with next to nobody besides assholes like Chachi and Ann Coulter agreeing with Trump that talk of how to close the deal with your victims by simply grabbing their private parts is the kind of thing you’ll hear there.

Regardless of how it happened, the truth is out there. Trump himself being the original source makes all of his claims of “they’re just liars looking for fame” much less credible, but that doesn’t matter when you’re a narcissist of his magnitude. When you believe you’re the most important person the world has ever known, you believe just because you say something it magically becomes true.

Trump has just promised that once the election is over, he’ll be licking his wounds and taking out his frustrations on his victims, abusing them once again — this time in court:

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Every woman lied. Yes, that’s believable, isn’t it? Donald Trump, on record as being a crude, crass and reprehensible human being, admitted to grabbing women whether they liked it or not. Women came out and said, “yes, he does do that,” so they’re all liars.

Surely Hulk Hogan’s lawyer will have a field day doing all he can to destroy the lives of Trump’s victims.

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