Trump Just Pulled One Of His Dumbest Stunts Yet To Get Congress To Vote On Trumpcare (VIDEO)

Donald Trump finally got an entire football team to come to the White House. On Tuesday the Orange Emperor presented the Commander-In-Chief trophy to the Air Force Academy football team, in recognition for that team winning the series of games played among the service academies during last fall’s season. And unlike the New England Patriots’ visit, all of the Air Force team members showed up. Of course they did — they had no choice.

But that’s not the main story. In the middle of the presentation, with the football team behind him, Trump decided it was time to lobby Congress for a vote on the latest version of Trumpcare.

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After actually managing to speak in glowing terms about the cadets assembled for the presentation while hardly mentioning himself — a feat worthy of note — Trump introduced several Republican members of Congress who were at the ceremony. Then he asked them, “How’s healthcare coming along, folks? How’s it doing? We’re moving along?”

That was an amazing thing to witness. What president who is pushing major legislation in Congress wouldn’t know the status of that legislation? The answer is “pretty much no president before this one.” So it was ridiculous that he would bring up the subject at all, let alone during a ceremony to recognize a group of student athletes. But it got even crazier.

After that question to the members of Congress who were present, Trump said “I think it’s time now” as he turned to look at the team and added “Right?” There were a few chuckles, applause, and nods from the cadets. He then turned back to the audience and said, referring to the team, “They know it’s time.”

That was the cap to the absurdity. Trump raised the issue of healthcare at an inappropriate time and showed he had no idea of the status of the Obamacare repeal bill that he has been pushing for months. Then he turned to a group — military members — who will receive guaranteed free or low cost medical care for life and asked them to agree with him that “it’s time now” to pass a bill that will throw millions off of their insurance policies.

Just another tone-deaf day in the Trump administration. Here’s how things went, via CNN:

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