Trump Just Scrubbed Melania And Her Lies Entirely From The Internet

Donald Trump sure is proud of his wife.

Melania’s website, the same one that came under fire for declaring she was an accomplished college graduate with a degree in architecture, has been scrubbed from existence. It’s not down for maintenance or being rebuilt; it’s just…gone:

Buzzfeed was first to discover that the deception so blatantly admired for so long was missing, but the story is quickly spreading across social media:

It’s unclear if they’re going to create a new false narrative to sell about the liar and plagiarist or if they’re just going to be content allowing conservative men to drool over her from a distance without explaining who she is or what she’s all about.

So far, all we really know is that she’s a black woman from Chicago with incredible dreams and aspirations who writes a great speech…no, wait…I got confused.

She’s a model made famous for being nearly nude who conservatives consider classy because she lives in a penthouse with Trump. These are the same people who think Michelle Obama, the woman who first read Melania’s best-ever public speech, is a tramp because she wore a sleeveless gown.

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Trump’s trophy will never be in the same class as Michelle Obama. She may be beautiful and she may be rich, but her choice in men disqualifies her from ever being called intelligent.

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  • Give it a day. Someone will retrieve it from the wayback machine and set it up again at a new url.

  • Daniel S Barczewski

    Give him time….they’ll be divorced within a year. He’s WAAAAY over due for a new trophy.