Trump Just Sent Out A Happy New Year Tweet Any 3rd-Grade Bully Would Be Proud Of

Just…what a dick. Seriously. Lord Cheeto the Daft, the next leader of the free world who has all but guaranteed that America will become Putin’s puppet, just sent out a tweet showing he’s even more full of himself than we thought. His out-of-control ego truly has him believing he’s some kind of phenomenon:

This is the man who is about to occupy what should be the most dignified office in the world. First and foremost, you giant Oompa Loompa, at this point your “enemies” are about to become the people you serve, and we all know exactly what to do. We’re going to sit back and fiddle while you burn the world down, then we’re gonna take to the political streets and fight back.

The only thing you and your narcissism will accomplish is a guaranteed flip of the senate in 2018, making your agenda of allowing the oligarchy you’ve installed to run our government to gut our economy while you get on as many magazine covers as possible a short-lived nightmare for those of us who actually love our country.

Thanks for being such a grade-A, classless pile of dung. It makes watching you go down in flames that much more satisfying.


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