Trump Just Shared A Fake News Story For His Dumb, Die-Hard Fans And They Ate It Up

Donald Trump is responsible for a whole host of new, Orwellian memes. From him, we get things like “alternative facts” and “fake news,” the latter of which Trump has rather adamantly against.

Unfortunately, if you couldn’t tell by him calling CNN a fake news organization, he clearly has no idea what the term means. And to further hammer that home, Trump posted this on Thursday to his Facebook page:

According to this post, Kuwait is issuing its own visa bans. Looks legit, sounds legit, and that might even be the Kuwaiti National Assembly in the picture, right?

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There’s just one little problem. The foreign ministry of Kuwait told Reuters that it:

“[C]ategorically denies these claims and affirms that these reported nationalities … have big communities in Kuwait and enjoy full rights.”

Oops. Looks like Trump got suckered in by a fake story. Nobody tell his followers, though — not that it’d matter. For instance, they brought the stupid on the fake news article itself:


But Facebook once again proves itself to be arguably worse:

That last one makes me long for the days when Facebook had a character limit. I had to zoom out simply so I could get the whole thing in one screen clipping.

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Of course, my personal favorite has to be this poor fool, who may be trolling — but lacking further evidence, I’m going with “legitimate idiot:”

Isn’t it impressive how someone can be so right and yet so absolutely, unequivocally wrong at the same time?

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