Trump Just Tweeted His Plans For The Weekend And Gave Every Troll On The Internet Material For Days

Donald Trump…is an idiot. He knows what pisses the American people off and he knows how to exploit it. With word coming down about dozens of names being tied to Russia, a health care bill that only the dumbest of the dumb and the richest of the rich can get behind and his ever-sinking approval ratings, distractions are a must. This morning’s tweet about his plans for the weekend was just what the quack doctor ordered:

What a terrific guy. He’s going to save us all a bundle of money by not going to Florida on the 747 and not going to New York where it will cause a “disruption,” but by going to yet another Trump estate in new Jersey. He couldn’t possibly do what every other president has done and, oh, stayed in the White House for a weekend.

You know, Donald…that big mansion on the National Mall? It has an oddly shaped office and everything the chief executive needs to do his job, along with a full staff to tend to your every need whether you’re there or not. Did they change the rules and close the White House on weekends? Are the lights on a timer that you still can’t find?

The news of Trump’s big plans isn’t anything that anyone cares about unless you’re an internet troll. In that case, you’ve just been handed enough ammunition to get you all the way through to Sunday. The memes and tweets shall be glorious to behold. If nothing else, The Butternut Bigot’s term will always be remembered for the people who made him look like an ass.

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