Trump Just Tweeted Out The Perfect Description Of The Farce That Will Be His Presidency

From the beginning of the great orange narcissist’s completely ego-driven campaign, it was obvious to anyone with an IQ over 75 what Donald Trump is: a bad reality TV actor and a snake oil salesman cruising to the top of the political world on the coattails of the worst kind of imbeciles America has to offer.

They followed him for being politically incorrect, which was code for welcoming racism and hate back into mainstream American society. They followed him because he wasn’t a politician, excusing the fact that as a businessman he did more harm to middle and working class America than almost anyone in Washington has. They followed him because they liked it when he fired Gary Busey on The Apprentice.

Nothing this man does, has done or will do will ever make him qualified to occupy the Oval Office. We’re in for four years of being laughed at in the international community, horrible decisions made hastily in anger, market deregulation that will make 2008 look mild and a whole lot of suffering for the middle and working class. People in poverty are just screwed.

So…how does Trump view the upcoming farce of an administration? This tweet pretty much says it all:

It will be a “great show.” His hotel is already selling 3-night minimum packages for tens of thousands of dollars. The entertainers, if you can call them that, are lining up to have their pictures taken and publicized so people recognize them when they take the stage. Trump’s inaugural committee has secured enough permits to deny anyone looking to protest the destruction of the credibility of the office of the President a place to have their voice heard.

It’s nothing but a big show that will end with a big speech and four years of big broken promises, big gains for big business and another setback for the American people that the next Democratic president elected will be blamed for by the multitudes of idiots who refuse to turn off Fox news.

2018 can’t come soon enough. If this maniac has done one thing it has been to strengthen the resolve of those opposed to him. We can’t wait for the chance to be heard, and this time there will be no surprises.

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