Trump Just Tweeted Praise For A Man Who ACTUALLY Shared Classified Information

Remember the Donald Trump who insisted that Hillary Clinton should be in jail because of her use of a private email server? The guy who smiled approvingly as crowds chanted “Lock her up!” at campaign rallies? Does anybody know what happened to him? He seems to have vanished.

On Monday, Trump met with a man he is considering for the job of Secretary of State — General David Petraeus. And after the meeting was over, the president-elect tweeted this:

In case you have forgotten, Petraeus wasn’t just accused of possibly mishandling classified information. No. He actually did mishandle classified information. In 2015 Petraeus pleaded guilty to sharing classified documents with his biographer Paula Broadwell, who also happened to be his mistress.

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Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs called Trump on his hypocrisy.

You might think that Trump would want Petraeus locked up, given his upset over nothing more than the possibility that Hillary had compromised national security — a possibility which an investigation by a FBI hostile to Clinton failed to prove. But no, according to Trump, as well as a lot of his allies, Hillary is a criminal. On the other hand Petraeus, according to His Orangeness, is very impressive.

Let that sink in for a minute. The soon-to-be 45th president of the United States attacked Clinton constantly for months over her email server, which was never shown to have been compromised or hacked. But the man who admitted that he let the woman he was sleeping with outside of his marriage have access to classified material — he’s in line for a promotion. Sad.

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