Trump Keeps His Early Saturday Morning Twitter Rage Tradition Alive With A Big Fat Lie

Donald Trump loves Saturdays. He wakes up bright and early and just like everyone else with a Monday through Friday job he has nothing better to do than hit Twitter and make a fool of himself. Since Mike Pence is taking his security briefings and Paul Ryan is dictating his policy, tweeting probably seems like a great distraction from the tough job of letting his staffers and surrogates vet cabinet appointees while he plans his next victory rally for the Fourth Reich.

This morning, after announcing that Rudy Giuliani has taken himself out of the running for Secretary of State, Trump went on to bash CNN for doing their job…again…by perpetuating a big fat lie:

Trump has already devoted more than “zero time” to the show, which isn’t really the point. Last week he met with Mark Burnett to do some non-TV related discussions (allegedly) about helicopter rides to New York and parades on 5th Avenue just after the inauguration, turning what should be a national celebration into a cheesy Trump-fest for profit. The next Tweet is where he went after CNN, even though the same story was circulated by nearly every news outlet on the planet:

What a shame he couldn’t spell “ridiculous.” That tweet was deleted an hour later or so and replaced with this:

Ruh roh! Donald used the new Right-wing “Benghazi!” and called it “Fake News!” Here’s the thing, Oompa Loompa…you can’t expect us to believe that as a 50 percent stakeholder and the most egotistical and opinionated jackass on the planet that you won’t be calling and meeting with your partner to discuss the show. It’s not even a realistic lie.

The other problem, Lord Cheeto, is that just over a week ago you promised to turn ALL of your business dealings over to your children so you could remain focused on the Trumpidency. You made it a point to tell the whole world through your press secretary, Twitter, that the office has your undecided attention:

Does being half-owner and executive producer of a popular television show not qualify as a business operation? Is there another category we can stick it under? Maybe if we refer to it as “a boatload of money and it’s none of your business” people will stop asking questions.

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The funny thing about this, Your Excrementcy, is that your inability to control your Twitter habit is causing all of these problems. Had you not made a promise everyone knew you would break there wouldn’t be an issue. Now, however, you have accomplished the inevitable, in just under a week, and stuck your orange foot in your anus-shaped mouth. Bravo.

Delete your account, Donald; you’re embarrassing yourself.

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