Trump Lays Out His New Game Plan To Get Past Gropegate: Return To Being As Ignorant As Possible

Donald Trump has come unglued. Not only has he basically denounced the Republican party, going so far as to praise the loyalty of Democrats, he has also decided that it’s time to return to being the worst version of himself possible.

That version, which he has tried to refine and polish since the Republican primaries ended, came back last Friday in the form of the Gropegate tape that effectively ended his chances of ever being elected to anything. While Trump may have done well being a crass, loudmouthed bigot among the base of fools the Republicans have amassed over the last five or six years, he only does well there. Whatever message of change he managed to slip past the goalie of reason has faded and all that is left…is Trump.

Rude, crude, bloviating blowhard Donald Trump.

He took to Twitter Tuesday morning in the midst of an hours-long temper tantrum, letting America know that the Donald who thinks all Muslims are terrorists, immigrants are rapists and Barack Obama was born in Kenya is back and dumber than ever:

Yes, Lord Cheeto, you can stop pretending you care about people of color. You can stop worrying about what a sexist pig you are. You don’t need to soften your stance on Muslims. You are more than welcome to spend the rest of the campaign calling for a police state, advocating for fascism and openly praising Vladimir Putin. Hopefully, Mike Pence will continue to stand strong with you, effectively sticking a fork in a political career ripe with zealotus bigotry.

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You have no idea how much we’re enjoying this. We knew you were nothing but a giant Oompa Loompa of a joke the second you descended on that escalator to greet your supporters at the bottom of the barrel. As it turns out we were right all along. Don’t worry, though, you misogynist prick…You’ll do just as well as Sarah Palin after she destroyed the sanity of the party you exploited to make it this far. You have a bright future as a reality star and regular Hannity contributor.

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