It’s Not Just Mexico–Trump Has Been Littering The World With His Stupid Walls For Years

Rump roast may be backing off on his insistence of having congress fund his border wall for now, but did you know walls have been a constant companion for the royal hairpiece for decades? The orange treacle tart is getting his border wall rocks off in other parts of the globe even as we speak. Apparently he has a penchant for throwing up walls and barriers anytime he slaps together yet another elaborate estate and golf course; no wonder he practically jizzed his knickers at the thought of raising the 1,900 mile long MOAW, mother of all walls, along the Mexican border. Too bad congress has about as much intent on funding it as they do allowing women access to KY jelly.

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All we have to do is travel back in time to Scotland, 2007, when the alabaster hair weave was doing his best to force people living in Balmedie, Scotland off their own land via eminent domain, and failing that parading a fence across their own back yard. Maybe, he had a point. Sure, they don’t need to have that lovely view of the 4,000 year old dunes and coastline, the selfish ingrates. Haven’t they had access to it for eon’s now? Time for the murderously wealthy to have it all to themselves while driving that nine iron, bloody peasants.

Said peasants, including David and Moira Milne, who were happily minding their own business while also dealing with months of legal attacks from Trump’s lawyers. Until one day they arrived home to Cheeto’s “features” people literally building an earthen fence around their own back yard. But that isn’t even the best part, once done the Milne’s received the $3,500 bill for said fences insult. That’s right, the Trump organization billed the Milne’s for the fence he built around their land. Now, that takes immense saggy balls.

Although, remind you of any other irrational demand for a wall payment from the chump in chief?

You would think after not being able to follow through on the full wall plan in Balmedie, Trump and his ilk would know to take their lumps and move on. I don’t know, maybe even take time out of their busy schedule to say. . . run a country? Nah, you’re right, this is the tangerine stain we’re talking about. He’s like a squirrel off his meds, he has to keep going, regardless of the outcome.

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Not satisfied with throwing up walls and fences like stop motion lego in Scotland, Trumpletilskin spawn number three, Eric (the one that looks like a festering canker sore), was recently dispatched to the coastal Irish town of Doonbeg, where yet another golf course was under a walled assault. This time though, and not satisfied enough to simply cut locals off from the view of their own coastline, the local county council has been petitioned to allow an actual wall, stretching almost two and a half miles and rising almost 10 feet in height.  Orange pit stain’s argument, it’s to help prevent environmental erosion; everyone else understands, it’s to keep the illegal locals off the property.

Clearly Mr.Trump hasn’t learned from his Scottish experience. As with their Celtic brethren the Irish aren’t really much for walls, or borders, or being told “keep out”.

In fact, here, hold my beer.

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