Trump Used His Bogus Charity’s Money To Put Children In Danger Of Getting Diseases

Donald Trump has a bit of a history pandering to anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories with uninformed statements on platforms like Twitter. However, a new report shows that he also used real money to help push a campaign to endanger the health of children everywhere.

It’s been discovered that Trump’s shady charity donated $10,000 in funds to an anti-vaccine organization started by Jenny McCarthy. The news was broken by The Daily Beast, who contacted both the Trump campaign and McCarthy regarding the discovery. Neither have responded to requests for comment.

It’s one thing for a politician to try to pander to people for votes. As unfortunate as it is, it happens regularly. However, Trump gave real cash to a so-called charity whose only purpose is to misinform parents and put their children’s health, and perhaps lives, in danger.

McCarthy has been an anti-vaxx crusader since 2007,  citing discredited so-called studies she found online because she has an autistic son. McCarthy was quoted as saying “The University of Google is where I got my degree from,” during one of her interviews. That says everything you ever need to know about Jenny McCarthy’s credibility.

McCarthy’s charity, called Generation Rescue, is the place to which Trump gave his money. The organization promotes quackery such as “alternative vaccination physicians,” and a grant program that helps autistic families with nutrition supplements and “dietary intervention training.”

McCarthy herself claimed to have made medical history by curing her son’s so-called “vaccine-triggered autism” through something she calls bio-medical treatment. This involves changing diet, taking vitamins and “detoxing” his body from metals. ALL of these things are pure science fiction and Trump paid $10,000 to promote this nonsense.

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Trump and McCarthy are doing something very dangerous. They’re convincing parents that autism is something more dangerous to their children than things like Polio or Measles.

Vaccines work. Period. If Trump or anyone else wants to help autistic children, they need to help fund and support organizations that help parents manage their children’s conditions and educate them on factual science about autism, instead of encouraging them to do something that is just a waste of time and money — or worse yet, dangerous to their own child.

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