Trump Meets With Liberal Hollywood Bigshot And Won’t Tell Anyone Why

President-elect Donald Trump has been holed up all weekend at his golf course in New Jersey, supposedly for the purpose of interviewing people to fill top posts in his administration. But one visitor has raised a few eyebrows — Trump’s former agent, Hollywood big-shot Ari Emanuel.

According to the New York Times Trump introduced Emanuel as the “king of Hollywood” when he arrived at Trump’s club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Speculation immediately began over whether the liberal Democrat, who is the brother of Chicago mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, was being interviewed for a cabinet post. But a source told Variety that the meeting had nothing to do with a potential job in the Trump administration.

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Not only is Emanuel Trump’s former agent, but he is also the CEO of WME/IMG, sometimes referred to as the William Morris Agency. That agency represents both the show Hamilton and the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Trump has been on a Twitter tirade against the show since the cast chose to speak out to vice president-elect Mike Pence over their concerns about the incoming administration and its policies.

It looks likely that Emanuel was attempting to save Trump from himself. In June Trump remarked of Emanuel to The Hollywood Reporter, “He’s a very good friend of mine.” According to that site it is believed that Emanuel met with Trump to offer his thoughts on the president-elect’s personnel moves, which so far include only hard-liners and extremely questionable personalities, such as Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions. The belief is that Emanuel is one of only a few outside the Trump inner circle who he will listen to. Whether he will achieve any success in getting the former reality tv star to make some more moderate picks for administration posts remains to be seen.

After the meeting Trump was asked how things went. “Very good. Great guy. Great friend of mine,” was his response.

Of course it’s possible that Emanuel’s mission was simply to get his friend to leave Hamilton and its cast alone. Trump fired one more Twitter shot at the show on Sunday morning, but has been silent about it since, having pivoted to an attack on Saturday Night Live.

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Here’s a report on the meeting, via Wochit News:

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