Trump Is Having Another Manic Friday Morning Tweetfest Of Stupidity And Lies

Trump was up bright and early Friday morning in what appears to be a classic case of a man refusing to take his meds to stop a manic episode. No, I have no proof of that and yes, I’ll probably get sued, but that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

He started the morning by attacking Arnold Schwarzenegger, which never ends well for him, after the Hollywood icon made a fool of him yesterday with a simple one-liner. Trump, being the ever-petulant toddler, had to be the last word loser that he is with this little bit of stupidity:

Now that Arnie has been dealt with, on to the next item on the list: Iran! Naturally. First you fend off a response to your own attack on a man who has made you look foolish several times already then you move on to official matters of state — the propaganda campaign that obviously favors a war:

That wasn’t “being nice,” you dillhole, that was called “diplomacy. You should look it up. Sometimes when you want to accomplish a goal, like stopping a rogue nation with an extremist regime in charge from developing a nuclear weapon, you get more accomplished with cooperation than threats of force made primarily to keep the idiots who voted for you happy. Yes, we understand that the Republicans love war and the profits it brings, but quite frankly we’re tired of losing our husbands, wives, children and friends so you monsters can make a buck.

Next up on the agenda? Lies! This is just precious:

The “dishonest media” aren’t the ones who said they hung up on the Australian Prime Minister. you are. You don’t get to twist that around, change the story, use the goodwill of a foreign leader and call the media “fake news” when you were the asshole all along. That’s not how this works. Now you get to look foolish and deal with four thousand op-eds from every blog in the universe on why you shouldn’t be allowed to play with the phones in the Oval Office.

Next up? Delusions! So many jobs! Health care will be fixed! The tax code will be simplified so your 4-year-old can file for you!

Good jobs have been coming back since President Obama and a Democratic congress fixed the mess caused by George Bush that lost all those jobs to begin with. Creating 1000 jobs at a massive cost to the taxpayer and losing 100 doesn’t qualify as helping. It qualifies as a publicity stunt. Your healthcare and tax “reform” are about to cost America millions of jobs to boot. Delusional may not be strong enough of a word to describe you.

Last but certainly not least, attack the American public! This is always a great way to end your little early morning rant:

Those protesters aren’t “professionals” and they aren’t “anarchists.” The protesters are the American people. 4/5ths of them didn’t vote for you. They’re already tired of your unilateral actions on their behalf. Your disapproval is over 50 percent after just 2 weeks. It took every other president in modern times more than a year to accomplish that. take the hint, Lord Cheeto. Your administration is a train wreck. Your policies are going to kill the middle class you vowed to protect. Your complete lack of concern for things like science and reality will cost our planet dearly and you’ll be lucky to get through four years without causing a market crash.

These little tweetstorms are just so telling.

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